Align & supercharge your vision, emotional power, mind and spiritual resources...

How to plug the gaps in your high performance life using simple & effective techniques for the 21st century entrepreneur

I work with high performing and apsiring entrepreneurs to achieve, maintain and accelerate results

Does your performance in any area of your life feel like you're letting yourself or your family down in any way? Do you want to change that, for good?

Have you set and achieved goals, but are seeking an edge that enables you to be more creative, more powerful and more in tune with the value you can really offer?

What if you could turn all you've heard about the "Law of Attraction", "the Secret" and goalsetting into a comprehensive system for successful , happy results?

Do you want to achieve a higher income, lose weight and stay in shape, feel peace, calm and serenity of mind, know your purpose and live your values?

If you could, would you build a legacy for your family and for society, and for your own fulfillment, with integrity and with elegance?

"Would you like to get measurable results from the evergreen systems I've discovered over 10 ears  of research to repeatedly achieve my goals?" 

From: Dr Sam Beatson - Consultant, Lecturer, Entrepreneur.

 Sam Beatson on BBC Business News in London

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The GAP Formula

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“Dr Beatson provided strategic executive coaching to me which had a significantly beneficial impact on my business. He coached me in leadership, negotiation and strategy. Sam was able to identify areas of improvement and his incisive advice enabled me to drive the business to new levels.”

Damian Rhodes, CEO FocusCore - Hong Kong

“I have come to rely on Sam for advice and counsel in many areas…to his great credit, Sam crosses boundaries…Dr Beatson is no slouch at intensive analysis, but he is also able to use and integrate his wide skills and knowledge in immensely creative and impressive ways, without loss of that depth…this makes him highly interesting and productive, and also a great colleague for others.”

Professor G Withers, PhD (Harvard).

“…It is a great pleasure – and privilege – for me to recommend him…His contributions [to the Society of Leadership Fellows inaugural stay at Windsor Castle] were easily among the most memorable, because of the way he combined powerful ambition in the way he offered his ideas and proposals with a real sense of personal humility that enabled him to achieve a powerful connection with colleagues in the group…[he has] the ability to command the wholehearted support and backing of others…[I asked] asked whether the other leaders present would purchase “Beatson shares” if they were available at the door.  A sea of hands went up without hesitation!”

Pete Ashby – Leadership Director, St George’s House, Windsor Castle